Please read through these terms of use below before using Miyakezaka Sogo Law Offices' (hereinafter referred to as "our," "our firm," "we," or "us") Website. By accessing and using our Website, it shall be construed that you have agreed to the terms of use below.

  1. 1. Copyrights
    The copyrights and moral rights in all content including documents, images and the like of our Website belongs to us or the content contributors. Reproduction, modification or the like of the contents is strictly prohibited other than in accordance with laws and ordinances.
  2. 2. Link Policy
    If you wish to establish a link to our Website, please contact us to obtain prior consent.
  3. 3. Disclaimers
    (1) Our Website is not intended to provide anyone legal advice. Although we have made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the contents, we are not and will not be responsible or liable for any losses or damages arising or resulting from the use of our Website including its contents.
    (2) The content and URL in our Website is subject to change or deletion at any time without prior notice.
  4. 4. Privacy Policy
    We have established the following privacy policy to demonstrate our firms' policy on handling personal information when we provide legal services to our clients:

    (1) Basic Position on Confidentiality
    Our firm protects personal information and maintains personal information in strict confidence, fully in compliance with the professional duties set forth under the Practicing Attorney Law (Law No. 205, June 10, 1949), the Basic Rules on the Duties of Practicing Attorneys (Adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting on November 10, 2004), and other relevant laws and ordinances.

    (2) Purposes of Use of Personal Information
    We use personal information for the following purposes: Providing legal services; Processing necessary accounting and taxation matters; Providing information regarding workshops, speeches, seminars and like matters; Sending publications, articles, other information related to legal matters, and greeting letters; Responding to inquiries; Contacting individuals for administrative purposes regarding the recruiting of attorneys, secretaries, and other personnel, conducting the selection process to decide whether to accept or refuse candidates; Managing labor affairs and conducting education and training after recruitments; and Achieving those purposes incidental to each of the foregoing.

    (3) Confidentiality of Personal Information
    Our firm employs utmost discretion regarding personal information for the purpose of complying with the professional duties set forth under the Practicing Attorney Law and the Basic Rules on the Duties of Practicing Attorneys. We handle personal information in accordance with our clients' instructions and desires when providing legal services.

    (4) Disclosures of Personal Information to Third Parties
    We may disclose personal information to third parties in cases where so instructed by the client who provided the information to us, in cases where necessary and appropriate for the provision of legal services to a client, in cases where a third party bears a duty of maintaining confidentiality and is taking steps to protect personal information, or in cases where deemed reasonable in accordance with laws and ordinances.

    (5) Measures for Protecting Personal Information
    Our firm takes confidentiality seriously when handling personal information, and implements necessary and appropriate measures against the leakage, loss or damage, and for other security control, of personal information.
  5. 5. Amendment of Site Policy
    It shall be construed that you have agreed to the terms of this Site Policy as they may be amended by us from time to time. We will notify you on our Web site in cases when the amendment is made.
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