Miyakezaka Sogo Law Offices, founded in 1990, has steadily expanded over the years. Our clients include listed companies, financial institutions, corporations from various industries and investment funds. We represent our clients' interests across a broad spectrum of legal issues, including both domestic and cross-border dispute resolution, transactions, corporate turnarounds, bankruptcies, regulatory compliance and risk management. To best serve the interest of our clients, we bring together the extensive and versatile expertise of our attorneys in these areas.

Our Philosophy

  1. 1.Our attorneys strive to pursue the optimal solutions to achieve the best results for our clients through objective and in-depth understanding of our clients, their businesses and the circumstances surrounding them.
  2. 2.Our attorneys take ownership in carrying out their tasks with the highest professionalism. To that end, our attorneys continuously strive to enhance their expertise, so that they can respond timely to the rapid changes in business environment that our clients face.
  3. 3.For each matter, we assemble the optimal team of our attorneys and support staff to achieve our clients' objectives. This allows us to find solutions efficiently, even when handling large and complex cases that span multiple areas of specialty and that require cutting-edge expertise and creativity.
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